Personal Essay: Identity

A reminder to everyone that your essays are due on the 28th November. I f you have any questions or printer issues, speak to me beforehand. I’ve already seen some excellent and engaging introductions in class and I’m looking forward to learning more about each of you and the events you feel have shaped who you are.






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3 responses to “Personal Essay: Identity

  1. Katriona Tweedie

    Hi Miss, I have been off school Monday and Tuesday have I missed anything important? Olivia said that you got to read Mr O’Conner’s essay, would you be able to post it so I can get an idea of how long it should be and what it should include?

  2. Hi Katriana, I hope you’re feeling better. I will post Mr O’Connor’s essay to the Blog. In class we were highlighting any interesting/complex vocabulary, connectives, openers and punctuation (VCOP) to help you get some ideas for your own writing. The essay should be 2 pages (no more than 3) and these will be submitted in class tomorrow morning.

  3. Katriona Tweedie

    Thanks, my computer cant download Mr O’connors essay fro some reason.

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